A few things to think about before “Going Natural”

But before you get your hair did all naturalista fro, there are a few things to consider. Care, cost, and your hair type can all put a kink in your style if you’re not prepared before the big chop. If you’re looking to go natural, but are on the fence, below are five things to know before giving your stylist the green light.
Natural hair does’t necessarily mean easy hair – A misconception is that shorter hair means low maintenance, but when you go from relaxed hair to tight curls, it can actually require more care and time. The longer your curls get, the more care they will need. Think washing, detangling, then styling–for your ideal look we’re talking patience and commitment.

Washing can be done 2-3 times a week – While many stylists say you shouldn’t wash your hair frequently, with coarser hair, you’ll want to shampoo, condition and let the natural hydrating powers of water work their magic. Washing twice a week when you have really short hair will lock in the moisture and help with the styling process–we all want good hair days, right? Lol. But don’t wash too much…overdrying looks good on no one!

Your drying routine may change – The days of wrapping your hair in a towel and then rubbing out water are over. To keep your curls intact and your texture perfect, you’ll want to dry your locks by dabbing them gently with a towel, or even better, using the t-shirt trick. Then use your fingers to comb through any tangles and separate curls for quicker drying.

Your hair may change over time – If you’re going natural for the first time in years, then you may be surprised how the texture of your hair has changed. Your once magic product and styling routine can deliver less than thrilling results, especially as your curls get longer. Your hair may need more moisture through weekly deep conditionings and more detangling and trims because products quit working. Just don’t be surprised if your hair doesn’t possess the same texture as it did in your childhood.

You’re not limited – If you’re fearful of going natural because you think you’ll be stuck with one hair style, forget that! One of the best parts about embracing my natural hair is the prospect of mastering some incredibly gorgeous looks. I’ve been swooning over mohawk braids and am dying to give them a try! It also means testing out new clothing styles and accessories–The earrings you once loved that peeked out of your hair can be replaced with those droplets you’ve been dying to buy.


Summer Days 🌞

Hot Summer Days, can be harsh on our kinks, coils and naturals, if precaution isn’t taken. Many prefer protective styles to keep the sun and heat at bay during the summer months. Others, like myself who like wearing the hair out, need to be careful to pamper & condition the strands more frequently as the temperatures increase and the sun strengthens!  The best way to do this is use water based products that promote MOISTURE!   Water should be the first ingredient of any product used on our hair during the dog days of summer!  I personally love, Herbal Essence, Hello Hydration! I co-wash and use it as s leave-in to SAVE my hair from the sun! Herbalessence/hellohydration.com


My Journey Starts Here

Welcome to my blog, Kinkscoilsnaturals.com. This blog is the third item of things I’d like to accomplish on my “Bucket List.” For the last 7 years, I’ve had somewhat of an obsession with the nature of my hair and the hair of others in its natural state.

Initially, my interest was sparked by necessity. While I’d always admired sisters who beautifully and confidently wore their natural crowns, I kept with what I THOUGHT was safe…perms, also known as “Creamy Crack.”

Fast Forward, the BIG 5.0 milestone. I swear the very second I turned the page to age 50, my hair said, “ENOUGH!” She asked, “So what chu gone do, because I’ve had enough?! Perms, color, flat irons, perms, pressing combs, color, perms, wet sets, dominican blowouts. Stop it lady or I will leave you.” I was like, “Whatever!” Well a week or two later, I can’t remember the exact time, but shortly after, she started packing her bags after a final salon visit for a scalp burning touch up, known as a relaxer. Slowly she began leaving with her follicles, so mad she only left remnants of thinning areas of hair which were once, lush, thicker and more beautiful! I got it and I promised her, no more perms, but the color has to stay. She agreed and we’ve been getting along swell ever since.

This journey has led me to love ALL THINGS NATURAL, not just hair! This is where my story began.