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4 of the Biggest Natural Personal Care Ingredient Trends for 2019 – Coast Southwest

As the natural claims personal care market segment grows, expect these 4 ingredients to dominate new product formulations and reign supreme for consumers.
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If Beyoncé can wake up with flawless hair, why can’t you ?

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5 things you should start doing for better hair.

With your weekly busy schedules, hair care is probably at the bottom of the priority list. While the easiest go-to idea is to splurge towards some fancy hair-perfecting treatment that drills holes in your wallet, instead ladies; here are the top 5 daily habits you should adopt to get the luscious hair you deserve. What makes this list even better? You can do all these tips at the comfort of your home and probably in your pajamas.

1.  Step away from your heating tools.

Using heat to style our hair is pretty much-needed from time to time. While your heating tools do help you to get the hair do you desire, it also contributes to the rough, dry and frizzy hair you get after the daily use of such heat. Also remember that when overused, it can dry out or fry…

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True to the Bone Products That Never Fail Me!

Shampoos and rinse out conditioners come and go! But these 3 products here… I must always have!

  1. Gives me shine and smells clean! I’m not leaving the house without a few sprays of this. Well if do, it will be with a cap on!

My go to hair and scalp oil. Moisturizes my like none other and also provides a great hot oil treatment.–13-oz_p_142.html

No words! Picture a drooping flower perking up from a fresh rain. That’s what this is for dry hair. I rest my case.

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Feelin Feminine w/a Big Chop!

When I first made the decision to cut my natural hair really short, I initially found myself feeling a tad too masculine for my comfort many days. Aside from regular trips to the barbershop, I love the ease, neatness & simple routine of maintaining short hair.

The few things that keep me feeling girlie & cute:

  1. Makeup. Just the right amount though. Too much will make me look old, too little like a man.
  2. Oil sheen. Yep just like the Afro sheen days 70’s baby! Shine her up!
  3. Lipstick. I never leave home without.
  4. Nothing fancy but always a necklace on my neck.
  5. Confidence & kindness! They go together like peanut butter and jelly!
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Where Have All My Edges Gone 🤷🏽‍♀️

I’m going to make this quick, simple and informative. Years of relaxers, braids, weave, tugging & pulling have left many of us with bald edges. I recently cut my hair short, which I like, EXCEPT now my bald edges were prominent.

I have tried every lotion, potion, oil and concoction but to no avail. Over the last two months I have been using a mixture of Rosemary oil and Jamaican Black Castor oil, both have properties which are said to promote hair growth. I mixed 2 parts Jamaican Castor oil to 1 part Rosemary oil and massage daily. The results have been so markable, my barber has even noticed. I had to share. Hope this can help somebody along their way. 😀 For some of us, this has been a real struggle. I will update my progress in a few more months.


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Then This Came Alongside

I haven’t written a blog in a LONNNG TIME, but today I had to take a second to share these new two little 💎s I found. After all, sharing is caring! Camille Rose’s Leave-in line is EVERYTHING! I cut my hair last spring & was starting not to like it so much lately. Thinking bout growing it out some. The shorter my hair is the nappier (no I don’t mind nappy) & drier ( I hate dry hate dry) it becomes! THEN I ran upon Camille Rose’s Leave-in line. She never disappoints! There are three products in this line, but I opted to only try these two because the third was a oil & I adore my coconut oil. These two alone, made me fall in love with my short hair all over again! They left my hair moisturized, shiny, defined & smelling delicious enough to eat! My hair feels loved again!!!

I know many of us complain about the dryness of Natural Hair…sooo….I Thought I’d share! It’s too good not too!

Peace & Blessings!