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#2019 Self-Care

A New Year begins in one day.  Some say not a lot can change in a day, I personally KNOW what a difference a day makes. Either way, small changes we commit to daily throughout the year will make great differences in the long run. We often start the New Year with great vigor, written resolution, a “I can I will” mindset, perhaps a prayer; but ultimately it will take energy, commitment and action to bring the things we are sincere about accomplishing to fruition.

For me it’s tough, but before adding anything new, I like to first look at the goals I didn’t achieve the prior year (if any) square in the eye. If these goals are still important/relevant to me, I resolve to press on with them into the New Year. Last year fitness was a huge goal for me. It didn’t happen. The reasons or excuses are meaningless now as I move into 2019 but the goal is still very important to me.

I feel foremost, the most significant obligation we owe our maker, ourselves and our families is self-care physically, mentally and spiritually. Our temple. The condition of our health not only affects the flow of our lives, but those who love us. Nothing is more important than self-care. Anything we set out to conquer is at risk if we aren’t healthy and whole.

Before I set goals for my career, job, travel, milestone events or anything else, I write down everything I want to focus on from day one & throughout the year to keep myself healthy. For example:

  • Keep God first.
  • Get more sleep.
  • Eat Better.
  • Exercise. “An idle mind and body is the devils workshop,” as my grandmother used to say. It doesn’t have to be rigorous workouts at the gym, but move! A few years ago, I joined Girltrek, a national organization of women who walk relentlessly in their communities. The local group in my city of Detroit are loving, supportive and fierce! These women have not only helped me physically but the camaraderie of walking with other women who have similar goals is uplifting!
  • Get regular checkups, mammograms & prostate exams. Pay attention and listen to your body. It could save your life.
  • If there is anything mentally overwhelming you, seek professional help or speak with a clergy.  Remember troubles don’t last always.

It is my experience, that all of the above set the tone for the New Year Outlook. Every goal, resolution and dream is set on a foundation of good physical, spiritual & mental Health.

Visit for more information on Girl Trek in your community.

Heres to Self-Care in 2019 & Beyond!  

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