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BIG HAIR…I shall wear!

The first emotion I felt when I decided to transition my hair to its God given curly state, was “liberated” but not even that adequately describes the emotional blissful feeling of freedom I felt from my follicles to my soul!  Free from weekly and time consuming salon visits, free to allow the rain to touch me, my hair…my spirit! Free to feel beautiful without alteration!  Free to show my beautiful tresses as they are!  They danced! I shouted, almost as though I were at a church revival of some sort! I was FREE! 

Then it hit me, what about the folks at the job?  Will they like my liberated bush?  I then decided weekend hairdo/products will spare me of embarrassment if my hair was not well received!   The verdict was in!  Twist-outs! They are natural, tidy, neat ,defined  professional & complimented in my day to day corporate realm!  Plain. Simple. Neat. Accepted. 

Don’t get me wrong, I Love a beautiful well defined twist-out, but I really love my hair on days when it’s big, not so defined, free-fro and really natural! BIG!  I like having the option of not having to twist my hair up at night when I’m dog tired and not just on the weekend! Or wear a big ass wash n go cause my hair is dirty & I want to wash it in the shower, want it smell like shampoo,  go off to work & watch it expand! Sometimes!

It happen a couple of weeks ago! My twist out was a bust! Big hair was it! I’m a grown woman! I’m doing it! It was tiny when I arrived in the morning & rather swoll by the close of business! But it smelled so good & felt even better! I even got a few compliments. 

Natural hair has boosted my confidence, made me come face to face with who I really am & even given me more attitude!

Do you! I say don’t lose your job, but don’t lose sight of who you are & use common sense!  

Rock On Queens! 👑

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