Coconut Oil!

In the words of Betty White, ” I use this ISH On EVERYTHING!”  lol! 

Good Day Queens and Kings!👑

2 thoughts on “Coconut Oil!”

  1. What are the benefits of coconut oiI ?have a mixture if coconut, olive oil and leave in conditioner I spray on my hair. Its so dry it sucks it right up


    1. Hello Fay! Try adding avocado oil to this mix ! This combined with the coconut oil & olive oil should price very moisturizing! As far as the benefits of castor oil, I use a thin layer of it at night as a moisturizer, always in my hair for loads of shine, on my toothbrush to brush my teeth, my edges, my body instead of lotion and as a primer & moisturizer under my makeup in the morning. The list goes on as many cook, bake and oil pull with it! Let me know how adding the avocado to your spray bottle works out for you!


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