Transitioning Tips:

The most challenging time for new naturals is the period  when the mind is made up to do it “go natural”, but the heart is fretful!  I call it the “Now What Phase!” It’s tough because many, like myself, initially find themselves stuck!

The easiest way in my opinion is to “Big chop”.  This is a preferred method for those who still have relaxer in their hair. Not only is it the easier, but a lot more gentler on the hair.

Here a few tips to keep your health during this period:

Keep Your Hair Moisturized

Every product that you put on your hair should be filled with moisture. Start by using moisturizing cleansers, conditioners, deep conditioners and oils to minimize hair breakage and keep both hair textures healthy.


Quite simple. Trial & Error!  I’ve been natural some years now & still try new stuff all the time. Our hair reacts to different products according to season, growth & texture. In the 7 years I’ve worn my hair natural, the texture of my hair has changed twice 😦

Detangle While Transitioning

Detangling your hair can be the most challenging part of transitioning to natural hair. Before you start to detangle, apply a moisturizing conditioner to wet hair and use a wide-toothed comb to detangle. Start at the ends and gently work your way up to the roots.

Wear Protective Styles Until The Relaxer Grows Out

Wearing a protective style during transitioning will minimize breakage until all your relaxed hair is trimmed off.

The demarcation line is especially fragile, so these protective styles will minimize stress on both your hair textures. I suggest these styles : Wet Sets, Straw Sets, Micro Braids Two  Strand Twists, Kinky TwistsBantu Knots.

The Big Chop

If you’ve tried transitioning to natural hair more than a few times and find it too difficult, why not go for the Big Chop?

My personal choice, “The Big Chop” involves cutting off your chemically treated hair and letting your natural hair grow out. Taking care of your new natural hair can be a great experience, and there are many short hairstyles you can try while you’re waiting for it to grow.
NEVER EVER GIVE UP ON YOUR HAIR! Trust the process & your instincts!

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